Information you should consider when purchasing timber flooring

Tasmanian Oak flooring - select grade

In this series we share our experience to help customers select the most suitable timber flooring supplier. Topic 1: Exceptional Quality and Great Service vs. Price Many customers looking for timber flooring come into the Barwon Timber Showroom wanting the best quality timber and service, but expecting to pay the lowest price.  As you’ve heard…

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Blackbutt Decking – The Best of the Blonde Decks

Blackbutt decking at Barwon Timber

If you are looking for a light coloured deck that will go the distance and look great, then look no further than Barwon Timber’s Queensland Blackbutt decking.  Beautiful, strong and durable this robust decking stands out.  Our Blackbutt is pale brown to blonde in colour with some light pinks.   Blackbutt has a medium and even texture with…

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