Span Table Book for Residential Framing

Span Table Book

The Pocket Span Table Book is a very handy little book that covers nearly all the basics for residential framing.  Whether it’s lintel sizes or rafter span lengths, it’s in there.  As the name suggests, it’s a compact book, good for the glovebox, so it’s on site when you need it. The book has been…

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Roof Truss installation

Roof trusses

The amount of time, effort and money spent on correctly designing timber roof trusses by a truss manufacturer is huge.  It can all be a worthless investment if proper on-site installation procedures are not followed. Although trusses may be designed and manufactured correctly, failure can still occur if they are not installed correctly.  The best…

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Geelong RiverFest 2014 Give Where You Live

Barwon Timber

Last Saturday the Barwon Timber dragon boat team entered the 2014 Give Where You Live RiverFest. RiverFest raises funds for Give Where You Live and these are then allocated by them to very worthy causes in the local community.   A number of staff at Barwon Timber and Bar-Truss make voluntary contributions to Give Where You…

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A new boundary wall system by James Hardie

HardieSmart - Boundary Wall System

Barwon Timber and James Hardie are proud to announce the brand new Hardie Smart Wall System with the James Hardie firewall insulation as its core product.  With James Hardie having 125 years experience in the field they are always looking for new ways to make the building industry a better, safer and easier place to be.…

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