We’ve gone solar

Barwon Timber Solar Panels

CJ Nicol Electrical have just finished the installation of our new 30KW solar panel system on our timber building.   Saving and creating our own energy is part of our vision to become a long term sustainable business.  The energy from the solar system will go directly into running our kilns and lighting our sheds.…

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The importance of oven testing

Oven Testing

WHAT IS OVEN TESTING? Oven testing is a method we use to measure the moisture content in timber flooring.  Most timber flooring species should have a moisture content between 9-14%.    We use the following process to test our flooring. We take ten samples from different boards in the pack.  These are approximately 15mm long…

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Kiln Dried Timber

training centre entrance 1024x768 - Kiln Dried Timber

Using kiln dried (KD) timber has a number of benefits and is a specialist skill.   A few months ago I made the trip to the Timber Training Centre in Creswick for a course in seasoning hardwoods.  Barwon Timber has been drying timber for many years and we are in the process of expanding our…

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Timber design inspiration

Timber Cladding

Barwon Timber is proud to launch our new timber product and service design folio and specifications guide.  A full colour 42 page booklet consisting of our product range and specifications for our timber cladding, decking, timber beams, internal linings and more.  You can view the booklet online here – if you would like a hard copy of…

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