We believe that when managed responsibly, timber is one of the most environmentally sustainable building products available.  The following practices are used at Barwon Timber and Bar-Truss:

  • Where possible, we aim to stock certified timber products that are responsibly harvested.
  • We encourage the use of timber species that are readily renewable.
  • Minimise waste.
  • Recycle and re-use all products and equipment where possible.
  • Collect rain water to wash trucks and water landscaping.
  • Robust plant selection for landscaped areas to minimise water use and land erosion.  Our landscaping assists in the treatment of water run off by picking up sediment.

We have just finished the installation of our new 30KW solar panel system.  Saving energy and creating our own energy is part of our vision to become a long term sustainable business. The energy from the solar system will go directly into running our kilns and lighting our sheds.  When we are not using solar, we have signed up for Momentums “green energy” which indirectly uses the energy produced from hydro plants in Tasmania via Basslink.

Social Responsibility

Barwon Timber, Bar-Truss and its employees support a number of local community groups through donations, time and participation in community events.  We endeavour to share donations across health, community, sports and the arts.