An overloaded floor accident waiting to happen

Plasterboard Stockpile

Sunil Narsey from MiTek alerts our readers to a potential safety problem. I was recently asked to inspect a PosiStrut floor that had been damaged after being loaded by a stockpile of plasterboard sheets.  As soon as I heard this, I immediately advised the truss fabricator that the builder would need to be notified and that the affected area required…

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Bar-Truss’ Qikfit cassette floor system

Cassette floor system packs

Cassette floor systems have been tried, tested and proven to work in the commercial construction industry.   Bar-Truss is working with Qikfit to take its cassette floor system to the Geelong residential building market.   The system received positive feedback and interest at a recent trade breakfast held at Barwon Timber.   Cassettes are typically 2.5m in length…

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Span Table Book for Residential Framing

Span Table Book

The Pocket Span Table Book is a very handy little book that covers nearly all the basics for residential framing.  Whether it’s lintel sizes or rafter span lengths, it’s in there.  As the name suggests, it’s a compact book, good for the glovebox, so it’s on site when you need it. The book has been…

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Roof Truss installation

Roof trusses

The amount of time, effort and money spent on correctly designing timber roof trusses by a truss manufacturer is huge.  It can all be a worthless investment if proper on-site installation procedures are not followed. Although trusses may be designed and manufactured correctly, failure can still occur if they are not installed correctly.  The best…

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