Which Screw is Best for your Deck?

Deck Screws

To complement Barwon Timbers extensive range of beautiful decking timbers, our Hardware department carries a wide range of decking screws to suit all situations.  To help you select the right decking screw, here is our suggestion based on various board widths: Board Width Screw Gauge Spacing between Boards 70mm – 90mm 7-10G 4-6mm 90mm – 120mm…

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The importance of oven testing

Oven Testing

WHAT IS OVEN TESTING? Oven testing is a method we use to measure the moisture content in timber flooring.  Most timber flooring species should have a moisture content between 9-14%.    We use the following process to test our flooring. We take ten samples from different boards in the pack.  These are approximately 15mm long…

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Kiln Dried Timber

training centre entrance 1024x768 - Kiln Dried Timber

Using kiln dried (KD) timber has a number of benefits and is a specialist skill.   A few months ago I made the trip to the Timber Training Centre in Creswick for a course in seasoning hardwoods.  Barwon Timber has been drying timber for many years and we are in the process of expanding our…

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Timber design inspiration

Timber Cladding

Barwon Timber is proud to launch our new timber product and service design folio and specifications guide.  A full colour 42 page booklet consisting of our product range and specifications for our timber cladding, decking, timber beams, internal linings and more.  You can view the booklet online here – if you would like a hard copy of…

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Span Table Book now available

Span Table Book

The Pocket Span Table Book is a very handy little book that covers nearly all the basics for residential framing.  Whether it’s lintel sizes or rafter span lengths, it’s in there.  As the name suggests, it’s a compact book, good for the glovebox, so it’s on site when you need it. The book has been…

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Roof Truss installation

Roof trusses

The amount of time, effort and money spent on correctly designing timber roof trusses by a truss manufacturer is huge.  It can all be a worthless investment if proper on-site installation procedures are not followed. Although trusses may be designed and manufactured correctly, failure can still occur if they are not installed correctly.  The best…

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The Humble Timber Stop is Highly Evolved

BTD038 1024x683 - The Humble Timber Stop is Highly Evolved

Timber stops are no longer a piece of wood nailed to the end of a wall to hide the ends of the weatherboards.  Timber stops have come a long way in the last couple of years, from being a simple piece of timber to an architectural finishing point using Barwon Timber aluminium and timber stops.…

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Oregon (Douglas Fir) – BIG TIMBER

oregon 1 1024x576 - Oregon (Douglas Fir) - BIG TIMBER

Oregon (Douglas Fir) is popular among our customers for large posts, solid timber beams and exposed trusses.   These large section timbers create bold designs.  Barwon Timber can machine Oregon with a dressed or fine sawn finish.  We have been holding on to the 150×600 flitch pictured for a few years. The 5-metre-long piece of Oregon…

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Information you should consider when purchasing timber flooring

Tasmanian Oak flooring - select grade

In this series we share our experience to help customers select the most suitable timber flooring supplier. Topic 1: Exceptional Quality and Great Service vs. Price Many customers looking for timber flooring come into the Barwon Timber Showroom wanting the best quality timber and service, but expecting to pay the lowest price.  As you’ve heard…

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Blackbutt Decking – The Best of the Blonde Decks

Blackbutt decking at Barwon Timber

If you are looking for a light coloured deck that will go the distance and look great, then look no further than Barwon Timber’s Queensland Blackbutt decking.  Beautiful, strong and durable this robust decking stands out.  Our Blackbutt is pale brown to blonde in colour with some light pinks.   Blackbutt has a medium and even texture with…

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