Battenclad Cladding

Battenclad is a cladding profile we developed with architects and builders.

Battenclad achieves a batten effect with less on-site labour. The profile is 120mm width with a centre groove. We can vary the size of the groove to achieve preferred design aesthetic. The standard profile is designed for vertical applications when used externally. An eased edge profile is available for horizontal applications.

Battenclad creates a striking internal feature and we can machine it as a lining board.

Battenclad can be pre-coated by Barwon Timber.  Our precoating will save you time on site and seal the board to minimise weather degradation during and after construction.

Barwon Timber has a range of timber and aluminium stops to complement our cladding range.

Battenclad species include:

Battenclad Specifications

Battenclad is an external cladding.


Cladding Direction:

  • Battenclad – vertical only



  • Sawn Face (rough – please contact us to confirm specie suitability)
  • Dressed Face (smooth)


Optional Enhancements

  • Pre-oiling


Download the Barwon Timber Design Portfolio


Barwon Timber's cladding range also includes:

  • Euclad – a concealed fix cladding system. It creates a clean look that is not detracted by visible screws or nails.
  • Shiplap – a face fix (visible fixings) cladding profile. Shiplap cladding features on many buildings in the Geelong and Surf Coast area.


We invite you to visit our Geelong Showroom to see our range of cladding on display.