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One of the great mysteries of the building trade is what is and isn’t covered by guarantees on doors. Particularly external doors.  Customers need to remember that doors, just like any other building product, come with instructions.  These include how to hang and finish your door.

Here are some of the most common questions our showroom team gets asked and if not given attention to, can void a door guarantee.

  • What colour can l paint my door?
  • How much can I trim off each side?
  • What parts of the door need to be painted?
  • How much warp is allowed in the door to be covered under warranty?
  • Do metal internal frames mean my door won’t warp?
  • What’s a standard size?
  • Which way do I hang my door?
  • How many hinges should I use?

Not all guarantees are the same.

To ensure your door can be covered by guarantee there are a few things that need to be taken into account when answering these questions.   What we find, is each manufacturers recommendations will be slightly different.  The best way to make sure you are covered for potential future claims is to read through the manufacturer’s terms and conditions.  These are available via our manufacturer’s websites and if you’re having trouble finding them, please ask our showroom team for help.

One example of how terms and conditions differ from company to company is on how much you can trim off a door.  One of our large suppliers permits 3mm off all sides. Whereas another major supplier allows up to 5mm.  This shows the importance on why everyone should know the recommendations put forward by different suppliers.

We receive a small number of door claims each year and unfortunately many of these claims could have been avoided if customers had followed manufacturer’s guides.  Barwon Timber recommends you make sure all of your trades are aware of the manufacturer guarantee and conditions before hanging, fixing and painting a door on your job.

Know your standard door sizes Home Doors1 300x225 - Close the door on guarantee problems

It’s also worth knowing and working to standard door sizes where possible.  Working to a standard door size opens up more door selections for your client as our suppliers have an extensive range of standard size doors already made.  Here are the sizes we typically get asked for when customers are ordering internal doors.

Heights – 2040 and 2340mm

Widths – 720, 770, 820, 920mm

If you need a door that’s not a standard size, don’t despair we can help you.  It just means there will be a smaller range to select from and your door will be manufactured to order.    We work with a number of manufacturer’s that specialise in made to order doors.

If you need more assistance when ordering your doors, our Showroom team is happy to help.

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