EZY JAMB – Available at Barwon Timber

Ezy Jamb door Jambs are now available from Barwon Timber.

These metal jamb sets are what designers and architects are specifying more often for new housing.  Ezy Jamb is a metal clip together jamb set that creates a clean sharp finish as you don’t require architrave.

The jamb slides over the plaster and has a perforated section to enable the plasterer to finish off direct to jamb face.  Ezy Jamb is faster to install than a standard timber jamb plus with no architrave required, it’s a big time save over a house lot of doors.


ezyjamb 300x222 - EZY JAMB - Available at Barwon Timber

Ezy Jamb – The Flush Finish Door Jamb System

The fix out centre at Barwon Timber carries the ‘Classic’ range in the following sizes:

2040 x 720 – left and right hand sets

2040 x 820 – left and right hand sets

2340 x 720 – left and right hand sets

2340 x 820 – left and right hand sets

We can also order other sizes and styles in for you.


Ezy Jamb comes  pre-hinged and latched (1020mm latch height), double rebate is a standard  but  single rebate is available, with Hirline hinges supplied (left or right hand need to be specified).  The jambs are made to suit 35mm & 38mm thick doors.  If you want to continue the architectural look, have a look at some of the matt black door furniture range available in our hardware store.

Ezy Jamb is made from premium Australian BlueScope Steel, to offer a more durable solution to traditional timber jambs and has successfully passed the 10,000 ‘Door Slam’ Test, so you can rest easy knowing you’re investing in a quality product for your project.

If you’d like more information on the ‘Classic’ range, contact our showroom team or visit our suppliers’ website here.  For a sharp clean modern finish to doorways, quicker installation give Ezy Jamb a go!

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