A new keyless entry smart lock – Gainsborough Freestyle Electronic Trilock

We’re really excited about the new Gainsborough entrance smart lock – the Gainsborough Freestyle™ Electronic Trilock. One of our favourite features of this smart lock is the keyless entry. You now have the option to pre-programme in up to 20 code combinations to access your home. This is particularly useful if you want to share access to friends, family, guests and tradies – no more keys to hide!

By creating different pin codes to different people, you can be notified through the app when they enter the home. We also like that the app allows you to add or remove access to a user without the need to change keys or locks.

The smart lock can be used in three ways:

  • Using the built in keypad.
  • A key override.
  • Through the app.

Here are a few features of the smart lock:

  • It was developed and tested right here in Australia.
  • It has a discreet Keypad – A backlit keypad discretely and securely hidden by a slide cover.
  • It has an emergency key override – A key override for extra peace-of-mind.
  • It has an on trend finished and design – Available in brushed satin chrome and matt black.
  • It is battery powered – The AA batteries will last up to 12 months with normal use. Notification of low battery power is made at the lock and through the app.
  • It is simple to install and program – It is simple to install on a new door and can easily retrofit existing Trilock door preparation. Once installed, programming is simple.
  • You can set-up restricted and unrestricted access codes – Through the app, you can set-up unrestricted codes for kids or family, restricted access to a particular day and time for a cleaner or dog walker, a temporary code for guests, or a one-off code for a tradie.
  • It can be Bluetooth connected – Using Bluetooth communication, the smart lock can be operated and programmed through the app when within range, or pair with the Gainsborough Freestyle™ Wi-Fi Bridge for remote access, anywhere in the world.

Also available is the Wi-Fi Bridge and Door Sensor kit (sold separately). This will give you the convenience to operate your door remotely from anywhere.

  • Know when your family or guests have arrived home and accessed the door.
  • Receive notifications if your door is ajar.
  • Get alerted when someone has tampered with your lock.
  • Manage (add/delete) users.

The Gainsborough Freestyle™ Trilock and Wi-Fi Bridge and Door Sensor are available from our hardware store located at 50 Fellmongers Road, Breakwater (Geelong).

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