Bremick Fasteners Revolution B8 Coating

Bremick Fasteners have available a unique coating for its range of roofing, cladding and decking screws.  Initially developed for the US Navy, the Revolution B8 coating is now widely employed by major automotive, aerospace and marine engineering organisations worldwide, including Boeing, Rolls Royce, BMW, Honda, US Army and NATO.   Locally, we receive feedback from builders who are very impressed with the Revolution B8 coating.

B8 screws at Barwon Timber 1 272x300 - Bremick Fasteners Revolution B8 Coating

Bremick B8 Screws at Barwon Timber

Revolution B8 coating is a highly abrasion and scratch resistant alloy.  It is eight times more durable then zinc tin coatings, and has excellent adhesion properties to remain intact after installation even when drilled through high tensile steel.  It is fully warranted for use in Very Severe Marine and Industrial Environments and gives certified corrosion durability of more than twice that of Class 4 fasteners.   The even satin finish coating provides uniform coating distribution that is free from head and thread fill, which means 28% faster drive performance than conventional Class 4. *

With outstanding performance and range, pricing is comparable to that of similar galvanised or chemically coated products currently available.  For more information and to see our range in stock, please contact the Barwon Timber hardware department.

*We recommend contacting Bremick Fasteners for current technical and warranty information.





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