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Greenboard foam cladding system – Geelong (W. Gear – builder)

Barwon Timber is a proud supplier of the NRG Greenboard™ insulative foam cladding system in Geelong and surrounds.  It is a lightweight, environmentally responsible and Building Code of Australia compliant external cladding system for both steel and timber framed buildings.

The system was developed in Germany in 1973 and since then, popularity skyrocketed throughout the northern hemisphere due to its ease of installation, cost effectiveness and supreme insulative properties. Australia has taken advantage of the systems’ proven success and has used it throughout the land, from dry arid conditions up to alpine regions.

Greenboard foam cladding is manufactured from the byproduct of oil production, and requires less energy to produce then other traditional building materials.  Barwon Timber pride ourselves on the encouragement of environmentally friendly building solutions and we think Greenboard foam cladding ticks all the boxes.  There are no CFC’s, HCFC’s or ozone depleting substances used in the manufacture process, and after installation Greenboard does not release any toxic gasses and is not considered a hazardous building material.   NRG encourages recycling of cut and left over sheets by gluing them directly into cavities to increase the insulation rating.

Greenboard foam cladding is available is 40mm, 75mm and 100mm thicknesses at Barwon Timber.   The 75 and 100mm has sufficient strength and rigidity to be supported by wall framing at standard 450mm max centres.   Greenboard can also be installed over masonry walls to increase the R-value of the masonry wall system or brick veneer.    When installed according to instructions Greenboard foam cladding provides a continuous weather resistant thermal envelope around the external walls of our customers’ constructions. Feedback has been extremely positive as to ease of installation, time and labour savings as well as versatility in respect to overall design.

Some quick facts about Greenboard that make it so popular and our choice for foam cladding in Geelong and surrounds;

Total Wall R-value for using Greenboard
Thickness (mm) 50mm 75mm 100mm
R-value on total wall 2.18 R 2.83 R 3.48 R

Greenboards grooved surface allows the inside surface to channel away any possible condensation downwards to the base of the wall, particularly important when breather sarking is used.   The grooves also allow the render to enter and form a core shape for better adhesion and a stronger, more rigid Greenboard system.

The versatility of the product in respect to architectural design is not limited to a flat, rendered surface. Curved walls, rounded corners, embossed patterns, raised wall areas, mouldings, sunhoods and blades as well as other architectural features are all easily possible due to the lightweight yet strong nature of the product.

Greenboard foam cladding contains a flame retardant additive and will not support fire, with a flame spread index of zero.  With many of our customers building in BAL areas, they are happy to know Greenboard is the first and only company to achieve a CodeMark™ Accreditation and a BAL29 Fire Testing on EPS cladding system with their 75mm product, making the system fully BCA compliant. In a fire situation the toxic fumes are no greater than that of timber and other building materials.  Greenboard also contains the termite retardant Bifenthrin, and has rodent retardant properties as well to ensure longevity from common household pests.*

NRG Greenboard and accessories are available in the Barwon Timber hardware store in Geelong.  We recommend Greenboard foam cladding due to its strong reputation as a reliable and high quality cladding system, giving you cost efficiency in both your materials and labour.   It can quickly and easily transform even previously cladded surfaces with ease making it a popular choice with our builders.   NRG also provide customers with a full Codemark Accredited warranty for their cladding system.

For more information, go to NRG Greenboard or contact the hardware team at Barwon Timber on 03 5229 0080 or

Julie Kopunovich

*All information is provided as a guide only.


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