Need a tough security door? We can help

We all want to feel safe in our homes and keep the intruders out. Barwon Timber can help with a Strong Ox security door. Strong Ox is a family owned business just like Barwon Timber and manufacture an impressive product.

Strong Ox doors are tough and have excellent quality hardware.    Keep in mind, you will need to have the door fitted professionally to make it a security door, otherwise it is deemed a screen door.

With two different levels of screen protection available, The Intruda Guard or The Amplimesh SupaScreen and a range of 15 standard colours, we are confident we can find a security door that caters to your needs and also looks good.

Strong Ox also offer the opportunity to customise your own colour selections from the Dulux colour chart at an extra cost, meaning the security doors can complement the colour scheme on your home.


Amplimesh SupaScreen 

The Amplimesh SupaScreen feature 316 marine grade, high-tensile, woven, stainless steel mesh screens and come with a ten year manufacturer’s warranty.  This mesh achieves a level of transparency, providing all of the light and ventilation of a screen door, plus the strength and durability of a security door.  The frame is extruded Australian aluminium.

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Intruda Guard 

The Intruda Guard features heavy duty perforated aluminium mesh (as opposed to the woven mesh) and comes with a seven year warranty.

Strong Ox have also got rid of the traditional door closer with the pesky washer system.   Instead, the door uses a touch button system that holds the door open.  And with a simple nudge in the opposite direction releases the door to shut.  One of the great features of this door is its three point locking system embedded into the door style.  Many security doors only have one lock point in the centre of the door.  Strong Ox doors come with a locking point at the top, bottom and centre point of the door making it extremely difficult to force the door open.

The security door is manufactured to your dimensions and colour preferences.  Please keep this in mind when ordering, it’s not an off the shelf product.


If you’re looking for a high quality security door, come in to the Barwon Timber showroom in Geelong and we will help you out.  We also have the Strong Ox range on display where you can test and see the quality.   


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