Velux Skylights: A Good Option for Your Home

Velux Skylights are not only a great way to bring more natural light into your home or office space, but these innovative modern skylights have so much more to offer in relation to adding architectural flare and ambience to your space.

You’ll love the innovative modern skylights from Velux and the benefits they can provide. Velux Skylights can be used not only as an effective way to bring more sunlight into the building when needed, but they can also improve airflow to your home or office space.

Velux Skylights Are Committed to the Wellbeing and Safety of Their Customers

As a company, Velux Skylights are committed to taking a leading role within the building industry so people can live in better environments. This has resulted in Velux engaging in multiple research studies focusing on the benefits of how daylight and fresh air benefit your health and wellbeing.

Velux Skylights are a highly efficient, WERS energy-rated product achieving a 5-star maximum rating for summer performance. Double glazing keeps up to 80 per cent of heat and 99 per cent of UV rays out of your interior environment.

A great example is a project Velux developed called The Circadian House.  Circadian Houses were a vision for human-centric and healthy building design that allowed their occupants to live with and follow the daily and seasonal cycles of the outdoor environment. This architectural design enhanced health by adjusting lighting according to the 24-hour cycle as well as seasonal fluctuations between light intensity during summertime versus winter months – all while maintaining an individual’s comfort level at any given time.

Made for Australia: Velux Skylights Pass Extreme Fire and Hail Tests

If you live in a region with common harsh weather conditions, including bushfires, then Velux Skylights is your go-to product range for long-lasting, durable fire-resistant skylights. The skylights are tested to comply with Australian manufacturing standards and far exceed the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) fire requirements! These rigorous tests include fire performance during an emergency and extreme hail damage that can occur anytime without warning.

How to Pick the Right Skylight for Your House?

Velux Skylights are a great way to bring natural light into your home. Skylights are used in different rooms depending on their functional and aesthetic purpose. In many homes or office spaces, skylights are primarily used for areas with limited options for windows where light is needed. As well as providing natural light, the features of Velux skylights include:

  • Fresh air circulation options
  • Better architectural design opportunities
  • A more comprehensive range of flat roof and pitched roof options
  • Convenient automatic skylight opening and closing options
  • Solar and electric system options
  • Built-in window and skylight blind options

With such an extensive range of skylight styles, types, and options, it can be challenging to know what style is best for you. Knowing where the light will hit or how much natural sunlight you get each day could help make this decision easier. Our Hardware team can help you choose the best skylight for your space.

Kitchen Skylight Options

The kitchen skylights you choose will depend on whether you are in the planning process of building or have an existing kitchen space that may need to be altered to suit the installation you require. Velux Skylights have templates for fitting the skylights into a new or existing roof space. Of course, if you are at the planning stage, you have the advantage of incorporating more specific architecture into the planning of the kitchen skylight aesthetics, lighting directions and airflow.

For many existing building constructions, the kitchen is placed to the side of the building and lacks the natural sunlight needed for food preparation and cleaning. When a kitchen skylight is the only option to add more daylight, you may imagine a flat ceiling, but Velux Skylights can provide a much better choice for your home that gives you a more modern skylight advantage by allowing you to choose skylights for a flat or pitched roof.

Velux Skylights suit skillion roofs, vaulted roofs, and cathedral ceilings. If you have a flat ceiling option and want to incorporate a more modern skylight, you can do so with the Velux Skylight range. See the Velux Skylights video below on how a home with a flat ceiling has been renovated with a vaulted ceiling to create additional ambience and style.

Bathroom Skylight Options

In many new home and office constructions, lighting in the bathroom can be limited to an opaque or small window on the side of the building limiting the amount of sunlight at certain times of the day. Many bathrooms have small ceiling surface areas, but the Velux Sun Tunnel may be the right option for your bathroom skylight.

The Velux Sun Tunnel is one of the most popular bathroom options for small bathroom skylights. It features a unique design that takes up less room and provides natural light making it an excellent choice in homes with limited ceiling surface area.

Velux Skylights have a wide range of skylight sizes. You can download the Velux Skylight Brochure for bathroom skylight sizes HERE

Types of Velux Skylight Options Available?

Whether you have a flat or a pitched roof, tile or metal roof, Velux has a range of skylight options available for most roof constructions, including glazing options, blinds, flashing and replacement parts.

Fixed Skylight Options

VELUX Fixed Skylight - Velux Skylights: A Good Option for Your Home

The Fixed (non opening) Skylight is a fantastic product that will change how you think about sunlight in your home. Suitable for pitched roofs and flat roofs, this skylight lets natural light through while reducing heat transfer, making it perfect for areas where added ventilation isn’t needed.

This skylight includes:

  • White painted interior wood frame and sash
  • Outer aluminium capping
  • High-performance double glazing with NEAT™ coating to reduce cleaning frequency
  • Available in a range of sizes

Manually Operated Skylights

VELUX Manual Skylight - Velux Skylights: A Good Option for Your Home

Suitable for flat and pitched roofs, the Velux manually operated skylight provides comfort and energy saving daylight and natural ventilation. These skylights are maintenance-free with a white PVC long-lasting, durable frame and interior finish. They also come standard with high-performance double glazing with a NEAT™ coating to reduce the clean frequency. Other features include:

  • Insect screen fitted as standard. 
  • External aluminium capping
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Hand winder or rod winder  for hard-to-reach situations

Electrically Operated Skylights

VSEC01.main  - Velux Skylights: A Good Option for Your Home

Velux Skylights have developed the ultimate convenience and comfort with Electric Opening Skylights. Electric skylights provide the opportunity to maximise daylight and fresh air, and the built-in digital rain sensors will automatically close the skylights when rain is detected. The Velux Electric Opening Skylight provides the following features:

  • White painted interior wood frame and sash
  • External aluminium capping
  • Pre-installed electric motor, rain sensor and control system
  • Ready to plug into powerpoint (two-metre lead supplied)
  • Low profile construction – does not obstruct roofline
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Insect screen fitted as standard. 
  • High-performance double glazing
  • NEAT™ coating to reduce cleaning frequency

Solar Powered Skylights

VELUX Solar Skylight 1 - Velux Skylights: A Good Option for Your Home

The ultimate Velux option is the solar powered skylight which provides ample daylight and adjustable ventilation. Operated by a radio frequency wall-mounted keypad, it’s powered through an external solar panel and battery pack. The Solar Powered Skylight includes the same features as the electric powered skylights plus:

  • Solar Powered – recharges battery used for operation (works day and night).
  • It does not require an electrician to install
  • Available in a range of sizes

Velux Skylight Blinds: Manual & Electronically Controlled

The addition of blind coverings for your skylights or windows provides additional convenience during the day if you need to darken the room. Velux Skylights is an innovative manufacturer of sleek and stylish blinds that are fitted perfectly within the Skylight frame. They’re designed to optimise your home’s natural lighting while also being functional and you can control the amount of light coming in either manually or electronically.

Still unsure which Velux skylights will best suit your needs?

With years of experience in the industry, our team can help you find the perfect product for your home or office. We hope this article has helped you make an educated decision about choosing your next Velux Skylight, and we look forward to hearing from you soon! If you need to contact the Barwon Timber Hardware team, you can reach them on (03) 5229-0080

Barwon Timber is a supplier of Velux Skylights in Greater Geelong, the Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula and Melbourne. The skylights come in a wide range of sizes and options.

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