The Humble Timber Stop is Highly Evolved

Timber stops are no longer a piece of wood nailed to the end of a wall to hide the ends of the weatherboards.  Timber stops have come a long way in the last couple of years, from being a simple piece of timber to an architectural finishing point using Barwon Timber aluminium and timber stops.

It started as a simple piece of solid timber being dressed smooth to finish sizes 57×32 for an external corner and 30×30 for an internal corner.   Timber stops then evolved into an engineered product being finger jointed,  light organic solvent preservative (LOSP) treated and primed – this is a Design Pine product at Barwon Timber.  This type of stop enables mills to utilise timber that is not suitable for longer lengths or is undersized.   Timber mills machine the timber to a smaller size and remove any faults from the boards including knots and splits, resulting in short lengths ranging from 200mm to 600mm.  These short lengths are then finger profile machined to each end, glued and compressed using pressure clamps resulting in a finger jointed length of timber with an average length of 6.0 meters long.  Once dry the finger jointed lengths are LOSP treated and primed, resulting in a length of timber able to be used outside and painted to match weatherboards.

Timber Stops

Here at Barwon Timber we can supply all types of different combinations of timber stops for the normal 175mm weatherboards to our full range of 18mm timber claddings.  Our range of stops start from the Design Pine stops to solid timber dressed to just about any size required and in most species available on the market today.  Barwon Timber can also machine an external LOSP treated pine sawn face angle for plywood sheet cladding and some of our 18mm timber cladding to our new selection of clear anodised aluminium stops for both internal and external corners for outdoor or indoor use.

Here are our standard stop sizes.

Design Pine

  • 57 x 32 – dressed all round
  • 30 x 30 – dressed all round
  • 42 x 42 – dressed with 3mm pencil round
  • 66 x 42 – dressed with 3mm pencil round

Solid Timber internal stops

  • 18 x 18 – dressed all round
  • 30 x 30 – dressed all round
  • 40 x 40 – dressed all round

Solid Timber external stops

  • 60 x 30 – dressed all round
  • 60 x 40 – dressed all round

timber stops - The Humble Timber Stop is Highly Evolved

Our solid timber stops can be machined to a dressed smooth finish with either square or pencil round corners to a rough sawn finish with square edges only.   The solid timber stops are available in Cedar, Spotted Gum, Ironbark and Blackbutt just to name a few.  We can also source and dress almost any size you require.  We can also supply rough sawn and fine sawn stops in some timber species.

We also have a 40x40x10mm LOSP treated pine 90 degree angle Barwon Timber designed here at out mill.  This was designed for use with plywood cladding as there was no product available to do the job.  It is designed to wrap around the corner of the house were two plywood sheets meet as there’s nothing worse than seeing a nice sawn face sheet cladding and the corner joint letting the whole design down by seeing the exposed cut ply laminates with nothing covering them, this is why we designed the sawn angle to match the face of the cladding.  It is also a cost effective design solution compared with alternative methods of finishing off at corners.

Aluminium Stops

Our clear anodised aluminium range of stops is favoured by many architects owing to the fine clean lines they create and it is something new which architects love anything new.  The range includes an external Y section which creates a fin protruding 45 degrees from the corner of the wall it is installed to, the cladding is then cut 45 degrees to butt against the black seal tape installed on the fin to create the straight shadow line leaving the clear anodised aluminium fin exposed approximately 5-7mm.

To complement the Y section, there are also internal and external box sections in the clear anodised aluminium, creating a similar look to the timber stops but in aluminium, with the cladding install the same way as the Y section with the only difference the end of each board are cut square just the same way you would with the timber stops.  When installed, the box section will leaving an exposed edge of 5-7mm on two faces of the internal box sections with a shadow line created by the black seal tape and with the external you will see two full face of 25mm that will wrap around the corner of the home.

aluminium stops 1 - The Humble Timber Stop is Highly Evolved

When used in the right area with the right cladding our range of stops can create a look that nobody else has. If you are after something totally different to what your neighbour has why not use a mixture of both timber and aluminium?


To see the range or for more information on both timber and aluminium end stops please come in and see us at our Geelong Showroom located at 50 Fellmongers Road, Breakwater or contact our timber team on 03 5229 0080.   Sample packs are available for architects.

– Corey Salmon

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  1. Duke on May 22, 2016 at 18:33

    I must haveThe Fin – created by Barwon Timbers Aluminium Y section for my current project. How to purchase? I require 16 pcs 12′ lengths

  2. Name (required) on June 6, 2016 at 09:21

    Morning Duke . The Alumn Y section is 3.6 metres and priced at $39.98 and in the 6.0 metre length is $66.46.

  3. Mark Gregson on September 16, 2017 at 09:31

    Are the prices for The Fin still accurate? And do you have stock?

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