The importance of oven testing


Oven testing is a method we use to measure the moisture content in timber flooring.  Most timber flooring species should have a moisture content between 9-14%.    We use the following process to test our flooring.

  1. We take ten samples from different boards in the pack.  These are approximately 15mm long and taken at least 400mm from the end of the board.
  1. We weigh the samples (W1) and record the results.
  1. The samples are then placed in the oven which is heated to 103 degrees Celsius (2 degree Celsius tolerance).
  1. We remove the samples after 12 hours and check and record the weight (W2) and time.
  1. We place the samples back in the oven for another 20 hours and check the final weight (W3). If the samples are within 2% of the weight recorded at step 4 the timber is considered dry.
  1. When the dry rate is achieved we calculate the percentage moisture content.


Oven testing is a timely process, but it is highly accurate and we believe an essential step in providing you with quality timber flooring.



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The Oven at Barwon Timber with Scales and Calipers.

If problems occur with timber flooring it can be messy and expensive to repair.  Timber is a hygroscopic material so it will absorb surface and atmospheric moisture and react by expanding and contracting. To help minimise movement in flooring, it is recommended it be dried to standard moisture levels.

In addition to our suppliers stringent testing, we moisture and oven test all of our flooring job lots.   When we deliver your timber flooring, we provide a sheet recording the results of our tests. Please be aware, timber flooring will react to local moisture and climatic conditions. We recommend you discuss this with your builder or our experienced staff.

In addition to our testing, we store, handle and deliver our timber flooring carefully and under cover. We also check flooring boards using calipers to ensure consistent machining has been achieved.

We do all of this to minimise the risk of problems occurring in your timber floor.  You can be confident that flooring supplied by Barwon Timber is sourced from reputable suppliers, stringently tested and handled carefully.


For more information on oven testing, please contact our Showroom team.

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