Kiln Dried Timber

Using kiln dried (KD) timber has a number of benefits and is a specialist skill.   A few months ago I made the trip to the Timber Training Centre in Creswick for a course in seasoning hardwoods.  Barwon Timber has been drying timber for many years and we are in the process of expanding our capacity.

The Australian timber industry and the CSIRO have been drying and researching timber, so we now have a world class bank of knowledge on kiln dried timber available.  In fact, when I was at Creswick, forestry teachers from Indonesia were visiting the centre to learn skills they could take with them.

air drying timber for f17 300x225 - Kiln Dried Timber

Air drying timber for F17

Barwon Timber dries timber on site so we know the timber we supply will be at a moisture content suitable for the intended end use.  We are also able to moisture test kiln dried timber we buy in.  Our timber flooring is oven tested prior to being delivered.   Meaning less chance of the timber not performing as expected once installed.

Some other suppliers simply buy it already dried and deliver it without conducting any quality control.  The timber may not be within grade or, dried to the suitable moisture content for the area.

Benefits of properly dried timber include:

  • A reduction in density making it lighter.
  • The timber becomes stronger, for example an F14 green hardwood could increase to F27.
  • The timber will be less likely to shrink a significant amount once installed.
  • Reduction of rotting and sap stain.
  • It makes the surface of the timber more receptive to coating, painting and adhesives.
  • Reduced attack by some types of insects.
  • Better electrical insulating properties.
Spotted Gum in a test kiln 300x225 - Kiln Dried Timber

Spotted Gum in a test kiln

For more information on our kiln dried timber products and services, contact our timber office on 5229 0080, e-mail us at or come in and see us in the timber office.

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  1. Craig on November 4, 2017 at 08:11

    Can u supply about 250 L/m of kiln dried 30 x 30 Spotted gum ?

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