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Barwon Timber is proud to launch our new timber product and service design folio and specifications guide.  A full colour 42 page booklet consisting of our product range and specifications for our timber cladding, decking, timber beams, internal linings and more.  You can view the booklet online here – if you would like a hard copy of the booklet, please fill out the contact form on the complementing website.  Our design folio and website has a gallery of images to give you timber inspiration for your next design.   We thank our customers and architects for contributing to the folio and working with our timber products to achieve excellent designs.

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Barwon Timber Shiplap cladding in Spotted Gum

Barwon Timber designs and machines our timber cladding systems in Geelong.    There are a lot of suppliers in the market that do not have installation and specification guides for their timber cladding and have no complete systems.  We have been machining timber cladding for over thirty years and during this time we have tested and refined our profiles and cladding systems.  We have also developed a range of stops which you can read more about in an earlier article.  Our timber cladding features on a number of designs along the Surfcoast and in Geelong and Melbourne.  Timber cladding designed and machined by Barwon Timber is robust and will perform when maintained.

We can machine almost any specie of timber available, however we will let you know if we think specie selections are not suitable for proposed applications – if you are in doubt you can contact us.  Our most popular timber cladding and decking species are:

  • Queensland Spotted gum
  • Victorian Silvertop ash
  • Queensland Iron bark
  • USA and Canadian Western Red Cedar
  • Queensland Blackbutt
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Machining large section Oregon at Barwon Timber

We have a big advantage at Barwon Timber because we have our own timber mill and can watch the quality of timbers and machining closely.  Many of our people are trained in visual grading, kiln drying and timber products.  We are unlike other resellers that outsource all of the product and have no control or knowledge over what you, the customer receives.   We also have an extensive timber showroom and invite architects and builders to view.

Timber is a fantastic, renewable building product and we want the timber in your design to perform as it should and deliver a long service life.  We suggest as a minimum, you ask your supplier the following questions when specifying timber products.

  • Is the timber kiln dried and what is the moisture content.
  • What is the specie?  Ensure you receive the specie you specified and/or ordered.
  • Is the specie suitable for outdoor use and the application it is being used in?
  • What is the visual grade of the timber?
  • Do you have a cladding installation guide?
  • Have you got images or examples of your product with specifications and photos of projects?
  • Does  your product have a proven and well tested system?
  • Are staff capable to offer on site or after sale back up and support?
  • Is there a showroom where you and / or your client can look at the products?
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The Showroom at Barwon Timber

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