Timber Battens – Make Your Project Stand Out

Timber battens are an excellent way to add a timber element to your design or project.  

Timber battens look fantastic indoors and outdoors.  Barwon Timber has a wide range of timber batten species and sizes available.

Our Geelong Mill can rip, saw, dress and oil to your desired size and finish.   Many of our customers have created excellent designs with timber purchased from our racks.


A few questions to consider when making your decision, on species and finish.  The timber team at Barwon can give you a hand to go through these if you need help.

  1. Will the timber battens be painted, oiled, or left raw?
  2. How much maintenance are you prepared to invest in the building?
  3. Do you want to use dressed or rough sawn timber battens?
  4. How long do you expect the building to last?
  5. Do you want ‘feature’ in the timber and if so, to what grade?
  6. Can you use unseasoned timber or does it have to be seasoned?  We find unseasoned timber is suitable for a lot of outdoor applications.
  7. What colour do you like – red, yellow, beige, brown or grey?
  8. What is your budget?
  9. What lengths can you use? Short timber batten lengths (1.2 -1.5) will be cheaper.   Long lengths can be hard to source.


QLD MREDS BATTENS e1529899951814 225x300 - Timber Battens - Make Your Project Stand Out

QLD Mixed Reds Timber Battens. Builder: BJ Warren

Barwon Timber has the following timber batten species in stock in various sizes in kiln dried (KD) or green off saw (GOS).

  • QLD Spotted Gum (KD or GOS),
  • QLD Ironbark KD
  • QLD Mixed Reds KD
  • Victorian Ash (KD or GOS)
  • Cypress (GOS)
  • H3 Treated Radiata Pine KD
  • QLD Blackbutt KD
  • Imported Merbau


The timber team at Barwon Timber can assist you with timber batten selection and ordering.

 We also have a display of Spotted Gum timber screening at our office.  Come in and see us at 50 Fellmongers Road, Breakwater (Geelong) or give us a call on 03 5229 0080.

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  1. Todd symons on April 27, 2020 at 15:39


    What is the price for the Cypress timber battens ? i am hoping to use these for a front fence 1.2 m.

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