How to Care for a Timber Floor

We are often asked how to best care for a timber floor. The good news is that timber floors are easy to clean and maintain. With regular cleaning and maintenance, a timber floor can look beautiful for a lifetime.

Based on our experience, here are a few care guidelines we recommend for your timber floor.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

In our Showroom and office spaces, we clean our timber flooring using the following steps:

Step 1: Use a soft brush vacuum attachment to remove all dust and dirt.

Step 2: Use a microfibre pad and lightly spray the floor with a mixture of Synteko Super Clean and water.

Our floors are cleaned twice a week due to the high foot traffic.

Tips and reminders:

brushbox - How to Care for a Timber Floor
Brush Box Flooring with Synteko Nova Best Finish
  • Liquid spills should be cleaned up quickly. Only use cleaning products that are approved for timber floors.

  • We do not recommend wet mopping timber floors or using a steam mop as these can cause damage to your floors. Wet mopping can also add moisture to the floor causing potential damage. 

  • To further protect and help prevent scuff marks to your floor, you can fit protective pads to the base of chairs and tables. If you have furniture with castors, use barrel castors rather than ball castors.

  • We also recommend avoid walking on timber flooring with high heeled shoes as this can dent the floor’s surface.

  • Up to a month after your floor has been polished do not clean the floor with water or detergents to allow the finish to settle.

  • Follow all guidelines set by your selected floor finish product.

Our Showroom has a range of cleaning products suitable for timber flooring.

Colour Changes:

Floor coatings will alter in colour over time. As a guide, Polyurethane coatings tend to yellow light coloured floors like Tasmanian Oak and darken other species like Spotted Gum. Alternatively, Synteko coatings tend to hold the colour of the floor at the sand stage longer and provides a more natural look.

When choosing a timber floor, you will need to keep in mind that direct sunlight can be a hazard and will affect the colour of timber.  You can help protect your timber floor from direct sunlight by moving rugs and furniture around. We also recommend using curtains and/or blinds to help block our direct sunlight.

Keep in mind, if you decide to recoat your floor in the future, most flooring can be restored to its sanded colour.

If you have any questions or need recommendations on what flooring would be best for your home, our Showroom team are happy to help you.

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