Moisture and Oven Testing Timber Flooring

Your timber floor will respond to local climate throughout its life. It will expand and contract in response to moisture, humidity and dryness. This is completely normal. How much the floor moves is heavily dependent on the moisture content the floor is installed at.

To help mimimise movement in flooring, Barwon Timber undertakes moisture and oven testing. Often retailers only supply prong testing to measure moisture in timber flooring but Barwon Timber we undertake a rigorous 7-stage testing process which guarantees our timber flooring’s moisture levels are within Australian standards.

Here’s our 7 Stage Testing Process:

Step 1
We cut 10 sample pieces from your actual timber flooring selection. For accurate results, we cut samples from the middle of the pack.

Step 2
Prong test. This measures the moisture between the prongs on each of the 10 samples.

Step 3
Calliper test. This measures the width of each sample of the board.

Step 4:
We weigh each of the samples.

Step 5
We place each sample in the oven at 103 degrees for 24 hours.

Step 6
After 24 hours, we re-weigh all samples.

Step 7
4 hours after the first 24 hour re-weigh, we weigh the samples again.

Once all testing data meets Australian standards, the flooring is ready for collection or delivery to site.

You can be confident the flooring supplied by Barwon Timber is sourced from reputable timber mills, stringently tested and handled carefully.

For further information on our flooring, speak to our Showroom team.

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