Oregon (Douglas Fir) – BIG TIMBER

Oregon (Douglas Fir) is popular among our customers for large posts, solid timber beams and exposed trusses.   These large section timbers create bold designs.  Barwon Timber can machine Oregon with a dressed or fine sawn finish.  We have been holding on to the 150×600 flitch pictured for a few years.

Oregon Showroom 300x206 - Oregon (Douglas Fir) - BIG TIMBER

The 5-metre-long piece of Oregon is now on display in our showroom and visitors think it is very impressive.  Barwon Timber started cutting Oregon and our business grew from there, it is still one of our favourite timbers.

Barwon Timber sources all our Oregon from British Columbia, Canada.  It is responsibly harvested from the region extending from south western Alberta in the south west to Queen Charlotte Islands in the north.  A tall tree, larger trees can produce finished timber with a very fine clean grain in long lengths.  Oregon is also renowned for its strength, stiffness, and when harvested from the right areas, its durability.  This timber is one of the most important softwoods in North America and Canada where it is used for framing and in some plywoods.  As Oregon is available in large sections and long lengths, it has made it a popular import to Australia for many years.

Oregon has a beautifully distinguishable grain from summer and winter wood growth and colours.  Canadian coastal Oregon is stable in use and has good natural decay resistance in natural state. It also has good nail and screw holding ability, and glues well.  The timber has a high resign content and occasionally has some resin bleed-through.

Why not consider Oregon for your next build – it’s a very impressive timber.


Barwon Timber sources flitches which can be re cut into large sections in long lengths green off saw.  We can also treat it with a light organic solvent preservative (LOSP) Treatment providing extra protection. Please note this does not achieve H3 level of treatment.  We can help you specify or select Oregon – please contact our timber team.

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