Timber cladding creates a beautiful design feature to residential and commercial buildings. It can be fixed to exterior and interior walls and is popular with builders and architects.

Our range of timber claddings and linings are made by us in Geelong and includes:

  • Euclad – a concealed fix cladding system. It creates a clean look that is not detracted by visible screws or nails.
  • Shiplap – a face fix (visible fixings) cladding profile. Shiplap cladding features on many buildings in the Geelong and Surf Coast area.
  • Battenclad – a profile we created with architects and builders. This cladding option achieves a batten effect with less onsite labour.

Our Showroom displays our timber cladding and lining selection.  We invite you to come and have a look at our display and learn more about our claddings and linings.

Download the Barwon Timber Design Portfolio


Barwon Timber's cladding range can be run to order in a number of different species, including:

  • White Cyprus – A rustic golden timber with prominent knots.
  • Queensland Blackbutt – A magnificent subtle timber in brown and blonde tones.
  • Queensland Ironbark – An excellent and highly durable specie. Our Ironbark is a mix of Grey and Red Ironbark displaying attractive grain patterns.
  • Queensland Spotted Gum – Loved for its warm colourings and grain pattern.
  • Western Red Cedar – Sourced from the USA and Canada, it is lightweight and easy to work with.

All timber cladding supplied by Barwon Timber is kiln dried (with the exception of air-dried Cypress). We are able to end match cladding to create a self supporting join reducing waste.

Barwon Timber can pre-coat timber if desired. Our precoating will save you time and seal the board to minimise weather degradation during and after construction.

If there is a particular look you want to achieve using timber cladding, our timber team can assist you.


Benefits of using Timber Cladding:

  • It is ideal for incorporating into building designs and creating stunning façades.
  • It can be left to weather naturally or treated with oils and paint.
  • It is a natural insultation material, trapping in heat and ensuring sound does not escape.
  • It is an extremely flexible and renewable product.
  • It is a popular material choice with builders and architects.
  • It is lightweight when compared with other cladding systems.
  • There are many species available to choose from to suit every build.

Download the Barwon Timber Design Portfolio


We invite you to visit our Geelong Showroom to see our range of cladding and lining display.


We have a large range of fibre cement cladding options in stock and ready to go. We have an extensive range of James Hardie products in stock, including the products from the Scyon range.


Barwon Timber stock NRG Greenboard expanded polystyrene insulative wall system panels.

More information on this product and its certification can be found at NRG Greenboard.

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